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Is The Rubber Seal Safe And The Time Required?

Is the rubber seal safe and the time required?

This seal is a kind of seal, because it is one of the website products and website keywords, so based on this, we in their learning attitude, is not sloppy, so as not to affect the learning effect, and knowledge of the master And use. Therefore, the next step will be for this kind of seal, to carry out its learning work, so that we have learning content, and thus, can be in the product.

1. Does the rubber seal, if it is properly kept, will it affect its service life?

Rubber seals, whether it can be properly kept, it will affect its life, and this is also no doubt. Therefore, its storage, there are some prohibited matters, for example, to avoid direct sunlight, to avoid moisture and important, as well as away from heat. Otherwise, it will greatly shorten its service life.

2. The life of the rubber seal, which is different?

The life of the rubber seal, which is a short life, medium life and long life of the three, and, for different species, there are different requirements. For example, the rotating shaft lip seal, which uses less than 100 hours to start the leak, is for short life, the life time, compared with 400 to 600 hours, and its long life, is more than 1000 hours. So, different life, there is a corresponding time.

3. What is a marine rubber seal? Is the rubber seal storage time clear?

The marine rubber seal, which in essence, is a rubber seal, except that this seal is used on the ship, and it is for an accessory. The rubber seal of the storage time, there is no requirement, because of its anti-aging performance is good and bad, so, depending on the basic performance there is no problem, if there is no problem, then, you can continue to store.