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Oil Seal Is Used To Seal The Oil Mechanical Components

Oil seal is used to seal the oil (oil is the most common liquid in the transmission system, also refers to the general meaning of liquid substances) mechanical components, which will drive components in the need to lubricate the components and output components isolated, will not allow lubrication Oil leaks. Static seal and dynamic seal (general reciprocating motion) with a seal called seal. Oil seal is the representative form of TC oil seal, which is a fully enclosed rubber with self-tight spring lips lip seal, oil seal generally refers to this tc skeleton oil seal.

Functional use

Engine: Crankshaft - crankshaft front and rear oil seal valve - valve seal (engine repair kit o-ring) (distributor oil seal, pump seal, balance shaft seal, oil pump seal ...); camshaft - camshaft seal ; Transmission: Transmission - Front and rear oil seals Shift lever oil seal (Transmission Repair Kit o-ring) (Transfer case - Transfer case front and rear oil seals); Rear axle: (Front) Rear Angle Oil Seal Rear Wheel Seal Front Wheel Seal Direction Oil Seal (Directional Machine Repair Kit o-ring) Directional booster oil seal (front half shaft oil seal).

All operating body box with a liquid lubricating oil and connected with the external parts of the need for oil seal. Some are rubber, some are metal, most of steel rubber, such as the crankshaft after the oil seal, gearbox before and after the oil seal, about half-shaft oil seal, the main reducer front oil seal, air compressor crankshaft oil seal, etc.


1, before the start of preparations and precautions

a, a comprehensive inspection of mechanical seals, and accessories and pipeline installation is complete, whether it meets the technical requirements.

b, mechanical seal before start static pressure test, check the mechanical seal for leaks. If the leak more, should find out the reasons to try to eliminate. If it is still invalid, it should be dismantled and reinstalled. General static pressure test with 2 to 3 kg / square centimeter.

c, press the pump to the steering wheel, check whether the light and uniform. Such as crank difficult or fixed, you should check the assembly size is wrong, the installation is reasonable.

2, installation and shutdown

a, before starting the sealed chamber should be filled with liquid. For conveying solidified media, steam is used to heat the sealed chamber to melt the media. Must be turned before starting to prevent sudden start-up caused by the soft ring fragmentation.

b, for the use of pump seal oil seal system, should start the oil seal system. After stopping the last stop oil seal system.

c, after the shutdown of the hot oil pump can not immediately stop sealing the oil chamber and the end seal of the cooling water, should be the end seal oil temperature dropped to 80 degrees below, you can stop the cooling water, so as not to damage the seal parts.

3, running

a, pump if there is a slight leakage after start-up should be observed for some time. Such as continuous operation for 4 hours, the amount of leakage is still not reduced, you should stop the pump check.

b, the pump operating pressure should be stable, the pressure fluctuations of not more than 1 kg / cm.

c, pump operation, should avoid the phenomenon of taking the time to avoid the seal surface dry friction and seal damage.

d, sealed to be checked frequently. In operation, when the leakage exceeds the standard, heavy oil is not more than 5 drops / min, light oil is not more than 10 / min, if 2-3 days still no improvement trend, you should stop the pump to check the seal.

4, maintenance

All kinds of reducer gearboxes, bearing boxes, thread seals, mechanical seals and other equipment sealed parts, due to a long time mechanical movement of large torque, gear box meshing gap becomes larger, resulting in greater noise and equipment vibration. Coupled with the long-term sealing parts in high-speed, high temperature operation, sealing parts of the leakage of oil have occurred. Leakage caused by sealing parts for the following reasons:

1, oil seal quality problems appear leakage;

2, improper lubrication management, resulting in excess oil or lack of oil to dry;

3, overhaul sealing damage caused by seal failure;

4, the oil level vent blockage caused by excessive pressure and so on; The above problems not only affect the safe operation of production equipment, continuous operation, while causing a significant cost of business consumption.

Due to the serious oil leakage during operation of the equipment, it brings many drawbacks to safety production. The traditional method is that it takes a long time to shut down to disassemble and replace the sealing gasket and handle the bonding surface. In the operation of the equipment, effective management is desired, and the traditional method can not be realized. Metere super sealants & lubricants, with superior self-lubricating properties, reducing the meshing parts of the gap, effectively alleviate equipment noise and sealing parts of the oil leakage problem. Super lubricant is an oil additive that will not pollute the oil or spoilage the oil. It will help enterprises to solve the potential safety hazard in the production without any downtime and save high maintenance or replacement cost for the enterprise.