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Precautions For Use Of Oil Seals

  Precautions for use of oil seals

  1. Preparatory work and precautions before starting

  A, comprehensive inspection of mechanical seals, as well as ancillary equipment and pipeline installation is complete, whether meet technical requirements.

  b, mechanical seals before the start of static pressure test, check whether the mechanical seal leakage. If the leakage is more,oil seal should ascertain the reason to try to eliminate. If it is still invalid, the check should be disassembled and reinstalled. General hydrostatic test pressure with $number kg/cm.

  C, according to the pump rotation to the wheel, check whether light and uniform. If the car is hard or not moving, you should check the assembly size is wrong, the installation is reasonable.

  2. Installation and outage

  A, before starting should keep the sealed cavity full of liquid. For the conveying of solidified media, the use of steam to heat the sealing chamber to melt the medium. The car must be set before starting to prevent a sudden start and cause the soft ring to break.

  b, for the use of pump sealing oil system mechanical seals, should first start the sealing oil system. Stop sealing the oil system after stopping.

  C, hot oil pump After the shutdown can not immediately stop sealing the oil cavity and the end of the cooling water, should be the end of the seal at the oil temperature below 80 degrees, can stop cooling water, so as not to damage the sealing parts.

  3. Operation

  A, after the pump start-up if there is a slight leakage phenomenon, should be observed for a period of time.oil seal If the leakage volume is not decreased continuously for 4 hours, the pump inspection should be stopped.

  b, pump operating pressure should be stable, pressure fluctuation is not less than 1 kg/cm.

  C, pump in operation, should avoid the phenomenon of evacuation, so as to avoid the sealing surface dry friction and seal damage.

  D. The sealing condition should be checked regularly. In operation, when its leakage exceeds the standard, the heavy oil is not more than 5 drops/min, light oil is not greater than 10/min, such as 2-3 days there is no improvement trend, then the pump should be stopped to check the sealing device.

  4. Maintenance

  All kinds of reducer gear box, bearing box, thread seal, mechanical seals and other equipment sealing parts, due to long time large torque mechanical movement, gear box meshing gap becomes larger, resulting in greater noise and equipment vibration. In addition, the sealing part is in high speed and high temperature for a long time, and the leaking oil in the sealing part often occurs. The leakage of the sealing site is due to the following reasons:

  1 leakage of oil seal quality problems;

  2, improper lubrication management, resulting in the addition of oil or oil-deficient dry grinding;

  3, the repair process damaged seals caused by sealing failure;

  4, the oil level exhaust hole blockage causes the pressure to be too big and so on, the above problem not only affects the enterprise production equipment safe running continuously, simultaneously causes the enterprise cost the massive expense.

  Because of the serious seepage oil in the operation of equipment, it brings many drawbacks to the safe production,oil seal the traditional method is to take the long time to disassemble and replace the sealing pad and the processing combination surface, and to realize effective governance in the equipment operation, it is impossible to realize the traditional method. Maitres Super sealant and lubricant, with super self-lubricating performance, reduce the gap between meshing parts, effectively alleviate the equipment noise and dynamic seal parts of the oil leakage. Super Lubricant is a kind of oil additive, it will not pollute the oil or cause the oil to deteriorate, in the case of non-stop machine to solve the safety hidden trouble in the production, saving the high maintenance or replacement cost for the enterprise.