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Rubber Seals On Different Applications Of The Material And Its Specific Problems

Rubber seals on different applications of the material and its specific problems

On the rubber seal I believe we are not unfamiliar, but whether it has a comprehensive understanding and understanding, from the current view, is not yet reached this level. Therefore, we hope that we can seriously and to, in order to timely grasp, so that in order to promote the product learning process.

1. Valve in the rubber seal, which in the commonly used material, which is mainly what?

Valve in the rubber seal, which in the commonly used material, if specifically speaking, then there are three kinds of materials, respectively, for the EPDM, NBR and AU, but in these three, are their own characteristics, such as NBR Of the good sealing, and AU, it is good wear resistance. However, the more commonly used is for EPDM this material.

2. Is the rubber seal, which is important in the pump seal? And what materials can it use?

The rubber seal, which is sealed in the pump, is important because it is one of the main seals. So, on the question one, its answer is yes, and that's yes and certain. As for, it can use the material, there are EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, and fluorine rubber and so on, are no problem.

3. What is the reason for the failure and deformation of rubber seals?

Rubber seals, the reasons for its failure, mainly the size is not appropriate, improper selection of materials, the use of time is too long lead to aging, and improper assembly and other reasons. The deformation of the rubber seal, for specific reasons, it is for environmental factors, or its packaging and other processes in the extrusion, resulting in deformation problems. So, on this question, it can be said that its answer is yes.

On the content, are on the rubber seal, so I hope we can seriously and in order to timely grasp, so that in order to make their own learning, rather than nothing. In addition, we can learn the knowledge is reasonable and flexible use, and, they can benefit from a lot.