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The Current Situation Of Rubber Tube Development In China

China's rubber tube industry after 50 years of development, the national economy has played an indispensable supporting role, especially with the level of China's mechanization and the application of new materials, and continue to penetrate with the relevant areas, opened up the scope of application and Fields, products are widely used in coal, metallurgy, cement, ports, mining, petroleum, automobile, textile, light industry, construction machinery, construction, marine, agriculture, aviation, aerospace and other fields. Adhere to the scientific concept of development, product variety, specifications, quality has been sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development, the basic to meet the needs of the domestic market and improve the international competitiveness of the product market.

China has become the world's production and consumption power, the country has a certain size of 812. At the same time, since the "Eleventh Five-Year", China's rubber tube industry professional research and development in the continuous improvement, not only on the existing rubber tube in the rubber, process, performance and cost improvements, so that continue to meet user requirements and To meet the needs of the market, and continue to develop new products and new technologies to fill the gaps, many domestic performance is close to or reach the international advanced level, which for domestic products to further enter the international market to create the conditions.

Silicone tube, latex tube, rubber tube between the three differences, here we simply distinguish between the three concepts:

First, silicone tube:

Also known as silicone tube. Used as liquid, gas and other materials in circulation and coating carrier. High temperature / low temperature performance, no cracking, soft, natural non-toxic, etc., common transparent silicone tube, widely used in medical and medical, industrial water, electronic equipment, mechanical hardware, food diversion, liquid delivery field.

Silicone tube with latex tube contrast, no latex tube so good flexibility.

Second, latex tube:

Latex tube is made of latex material of different thickness of the tube, mainly used in hospitals, equipment factories, power plants, yoga fitness, children's toys, research laboratories and other fields, but also related to bungee jumping, trampoline and other entertainment. With high elasticity, high resistance to pull, good resilience, not easy to deformation and other characteristics, the common solid latex tube, the elasticity is much higher than the silicone tube.

Third, the rubber tube:

Rubber tube characteristics are physiological inert, resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone resistance, high and low temperature (-80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, strong resilience, compression is not permanent deformation, oil, resistance to stamping, Naisuan Jian, Flame retardant, withstand voltage, conductive and other properties. In fact, the silicone tube is also a rubber tube, oil, heat.

Finally, we can do a little test:

1) latex tube with fire when there are white smoke, irritating smell, after burning the product is a white oil.

2) Silicone tube with white smoke when burning, irritating smell, after burning the product is white powder.

3) rubber tube with fire when there are black smoke, irritating smell, after burning the product is black powder.

4) take silicone tube and rubber tube to see each other, silicone tube is no taste, safe non-toxic, and rubber is a taste, flexibility is not a good silicone tube, mechanical better.

Silicone tube, latex tube, rubber tube These three products can be produced when using one-way caliper or two-way caliper measurement, measurement and automatic control to ensure that each part of the size of the production within the specified production range The